Splash-new room toddler and LeilaHere at Suzie’s Angels Child Daycare in Irvine, we understand that every child is a precious being with basic needs – social, physical, emotional, and intellectual. It is our purpose to meet these needs when your child is in our care and create a foundation for their success in school. We strive to build confidence and good attitudes. We believe a feeling of self-worth is one of the greatest attributes that we can instill in your little one, so rest assured that your child will receive the very best service available for an Irvine child day care.

At our facility, it is my experience with over 30 years in professional child daycare that I teach very young children the values and skills for living. How to make good choices, and how to display proper manners as well as the importance of sharing, empathy, caring, honesty and respect toward others. We understand that choosing a professional and well-respected childcare provider is a very critical decision. Be confident that our child daycare staff has been well trained many with specialized degrees, experience, and background to develop, love and care for a child. If you are looking for daycare in Irvine for infants, toddlers and/or preschool through kindergarten, our convenient location, and the attractive home facility will give you the security and peace of mind knowing your child is close to your work and/or home environment.


Every day, our parents rest easy knowing that the very best in security systems have been installed, and are being monitored 24/7 by professionals.  At Suzie’s Angels, we have security cameras and motion sensors throughout the home which also runs 24/7.  We spare no expense on the security of your child, and every day is recorded for the benefit of parents and staff. We are committed to being the very best in Irvine child care.