About Our Goals


About_Our_Goals-Interaction2According to the National Education Goals Panel one of the single biggest predictors of positive and productive experiences in school is “a sense of personal well-being, grounded in stable, caring relationships in the early years.” The study goes on to describe some of the competencies that help children be ready to learn:


  • CONFIDENCE – A sense of control and mastery of one’s body, behavior, and world; a sense that one is more likely than not to succeed; a sense that adults will be helpful.
  • CURIOSITY – A sense that finding out about things is positive and leads to pleasure.
  • INTENTIONALITY – A wish and capacity to have an impact, and to act on that with persistence. Clearly related to a sense of competence and being effective.
  • SELF-CONTROL – Able to modulate and control one’s actions in age appropriate ways; inner control.
  • RELATEDNESS – Able to engage with others based on the sense of being understood by and understanding others.
  • CAPACITY TO COMMUNICATE – A desire and ability to verbally exchange ideas, feelings and concepts with others – Related to a sense of trust in others and of pleasure in engaging with others, including adults.
  • COOPERATIVE – Able to balance one’s own needs with those of others.