Self Awareness


About_Our_Goals--Self_Awareness-Suzies Angels_300x200_038Self-awareness is the foundation for what experts are now referring to as emotional intelligence – “how well we manage ourselves and how well we get along with others.” All of these qualities are important components of self-awareness, which is comprised of several things:

  • Ability to recognize one’s own feelings and use them to make sound decisions
  • Capacity to manage emotions and recover from setbacks
  • Intrinsic motivation leading to follow through and the reaching of goals
  • Empathy for other’s emotions, and the smooth handling of relationships

Consider the kindergartner who has a genius level IQ, but screams and yells every time another child comes near her toys, or withdraws and sulks when it is not his turn. Compare this to the child with an average IQ who knows how to negotiate, compromise, and interact with a variety of different personalities. Now predict which one will be more successful in school and ultimately in life. All of the intellectual intelligence in the world will not take a child far if he lacks social skills, curiosity, and a drive to succeed. The best indicators of later school competence and life-long happiness are:

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  • Ability to make friends
  • Getting along with peers
  • Communicating well
  • Respecting the rights of others
  • Relating to others without being too overbearing or too submissive
  • Able to give and receive support
  • Treating others as one would like to be treated